Convert an RPM file to a DEB file

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Convert an RPM to a DEB:

sudo alien -k --scripts my-rpm-file.rpm


Credit goes to my source article found at this link

The Rest of the Story

So I needed to convert an RPM file to a DEB file. If you have ever used BlueJeans for conferences calls, the desktop App does work on Linux, but is only available as an RPM file. This is unfortunate for me as I use Linux Mint. A little bit of searching, and here's how it's done.


You'll need to have alien installed:

sudo apt install alien


Once alien is installed, you can convert an RPM file to a DEB file, and install it:

Step 1:

sudo alien -k --scripts my-rpm-file.rpm

This will create the file my-deb-file.deb, and to install the DEB file move to Step 2.

Step 2:

sudo dpkg -i my-deb-file.deb

That's it - hope this is helpful.

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